Why Use an Agent?

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Real Estate

With the low supply of homes available, and the high speed at which they're selling, there's no denying that we're in a seller's market and experts predict that it's going to stay this way for a while. Some homeowners have asked, "Jess, if homes are selling so fast, why should I use a real estate agent? Shouldn't it be as easy as posting on Zillow and waiting for the offers? I'll save money!"

And to that I say, "If it were that easy, every home owner would sell their home that way." There are many reasons to use an agent when you sell your home. Let me explain!

The Contract

Did you know that the purchase contract in Hawaii is 14 pages long? And that's not 14 double spaced pages with 12 point font. This is fine print, all the way from top to bottom, and realtors know it all! We know each section and what it means, how long the time frames should be, and how to make a counter-offer. A realtor can also explain what each section means so that you have the information you need to determine which offers are ideal for you. 

The Negotiations

In a competitive market, you'd better believe that negotiations are a huge part of the a purchase offer. Everything is negotiable, from the offer price all the way down to having the handles on the kitchen cabinets replaced, or the garage door mechanisms repaired. Everything about the sale can be part of the contract, and become part of the negotiation. A realtor knows how to make sure that selling your home earns you the highest profit.  

The Price

The price of the home affects how well it will sell - over priced homes don't sell as fast, but under priced homes often don't sell very fast because buyers wonder what might be wrong with them. Often times, homes that are being sold by their owners aren't priced correctly. Sellers base their home's value off of internet quotes, or what they heard that their neighbor got for their home in worse condition, but the trouble with this information is that it isn't quite accurate. Realtors have access to many resources to help provide pricing estimates using critical analysis of the current market. They can explain your home's value and how it compares to others so that you can set the right price, which usually helps a home sell faster.

The Education

Realtors are trained and kept up to date on all things real estate. It's required as part of our licensing. We are always learning. This training helps us to remain the experts in our field, and helps us to keep you informed on market trends so that you can make the best decisions when it comes to selling your home.

The Experience

It all comes down to experience. The contract, the negotiation, the pricing, this is stuff that realtors work with every day. We are experts, and have a huge network of other experts who can help to make sure that selling your home goes well from listing to closing.

There's a lot more to selling your home than just putting it on Zillow and waiting for offers, and working with a realtor gives you a partner who will help you along your home selling journey. Yes, realtors are compensated for their work, but when you work with a realtor, you'll see that we're providing a highly valuable service. If you're thinking about selling your home, reach out to a realtor for a free home valuation and consultation and find out what your realtor can do for you!