Buyer's Consultation

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The home buying process is one that often starts online, house hunting through websites. Many people find a few favorites that they'd like to see in person, and some find that there are just too  many choices out there. In either case, I recommend to reach out to a realtor and get them involved in your search. A realtor will offer a buyer's consultation, which can help to make your home search more efficient, and make sure that you're prepared to make an offer when you find the right one.

What happens at a buyer's consultation?

The buyer's consultation is where your realtor gets to know you and where you're at in your real estate journey. Your realtor will learn more about your timeline for your move, and what steps you've taken on your own so they can meet you on your path.  

Your realtor will ask questions about your buying power and help you find the right lender if you need one. It's important to know your buying power so that they can find the homes that will be in your budget.

You'll discuss the things that your new home must have, and the things that you'd like for it to include. Need four bedrooms and a garage? Don't want neighbors upstairs? The buyer's consultation is the best time to tell your agent so that we can help to find only properties that meet your requirements. 

Your realtor will also show you a sample of the purchase contract to help you be more prepared for what's to come, and so that they can answer any questions ahead of time. This helps when you find your ideal home, enabling you to make an offer fast since you'll know what to expect and lower your risk of missing out.

How long does it take?

A buyer's consultation is quick and painless! In most cases, a realtor can complete a consultation in 15-30 minutes. If that doesn't seem like enough time to get to know what you really want in your  new home, don't worry! The consultation is a good way for your agent to start the search, and as you view homes with your agent, they'll learn more about what homes are right for you as you and can further narrow down the search.

Why should I have a buyer's consultation?

The buyer's consultation gives you a good opportunity to talk with an expert about the real estate market. Realtors have up to date information about home values and interest rates, as well as new properties that are coming to the market soon, and they love to share this info with clients! A consultation helps your realtor to know what real estate info you're interested in, and how often you'd like to receive it. 

Your agent has a full array of tools and resources designed to help streamline the house hunting process, and make your entire home buying experience a seamless one. They get updates on properties that are coming to the market and can help to make sure you get to see all the ones that meet your criteria.

They're experts when it comes to purchase contracts, and also skilled negotiators. They help to make sure that your offer is as solid as it can be, and  that you won't miss any important steps in the process. 

Realtors also have a wide network of contacts to help with all things related to home buying, from appraisals to yard maintenance, so you can be sure that you're always working with a trusted professional.


A buyer's consultation may take a bit of time from your day, but the time that it'll save on your house hunting will more than make up for it. Even if you're not ready to move just yet, having an agent with an eye on the market for you is a great way to be prepared when the time is right. I recommend to contact an agent for a buyer's consultation as soon as you start thinking about making your next move.